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The Bennett Legacy: Episode II (1.1) - Nova Veritatis
The Bennett Legacy: Episode II (1.1)
Here it is! Episode Two of the Bennett Legacy. Enjoy!

The Bennett Legacy
Episode II: Twue Wuv

When we last left our young heroine, she had just bought herself a cute kitty.

“Aww, Ellen! I luv you! Luv luv luv!” said Nell, hugging her new pet.

However, her funds were now down to $280. She had to find a job fast, due to the fact that she still needed to buy kitty supplies. So, seizing the newspaper she got the first job that was listed: Test Subject! It wasn’t towards her LTW, but it was something! She also began to train Ellen in preparation for a job, to help bring in the dough.

A few days passed before Nell decided to try going back down to the Goth Club to look for a potential mate, without having to waste the rest of her much needed money on the greedy matchmaker. She called up Cloud (her best bud), asking him to go with her as she didn't feel comfortable going by herself.

The first thing that Nell did was to scope out the room. (Yes, Nell. We all know that Cloud is hot. Every single girl in the room thinks Cloud is hot. And you CAN'T HAVE HIM.)

She stayed for several hours, hoping that some more guys would come into the club; not only for her sake, but for Cloud’s as well. (All the girls were staring at him. Poor Cloud.) As the night progressed, the club became more populated… but they were all GIRLS! (Geeze, your luck sucks Nell!)

What was the use? She wasn't going to find her true love, so she might as well make the most of her night. Resigned, Nell and Cloud headed to the other not-so-popular dance club for a bite to eat and good ol’ hot-tubbing.

After hot-tubbing for about an hour, Nell decided to head to the bar for a drink. This is where she bumped into him, the mysterious Ryker Shahan! As luck would have it, she felt the fluttering of butterflies in her stomach as soon as she laid eyes on him. (FINALLY! Her twue wuv! …hopefully.)

The next day she invited Ryker over for dinner. However, Nell wasn’t thinking ahead when she prepared a romantic dinner featuring the old fashioned hamburger with cheese and ketchup.

Ryker really enjoyed the hamburgers, and Nell’s company as well! After chatting for a few hours, the two become friends (Friend #2! Woo hoo!)

After dinner, Ryker helped Nell clean up and played with her for a bit. It looks like Nell has got an evil side to her, after all.

As Ryker continued to see Nell over the next couple of days, their friendship was blossoming into sweet love.

It wasn't long before Nell asked him to move in with her.

He eagerly agreed and moved in right away.

Ryker Shahan
Personality: Saggitarius
Aspiration: Knowledge
Lifetime Want: Become Hall of Famer
Occuptation: MAD SCIENTIST!
Sloppy: 2
Shy: 3
Active: 9
Playful: 7
Grouchy: 4

An extreme make-over for Ryker, a couple of promotions for Nell and Ellen, and a few days later Ryker could not take it anymore.

“Nell, I love you! Marry me!”

To which she agreed without hesitation. “Yes!” She cried, hugging him.

They were married right away, having decided to throw a Wedding party! Not wanting a huge Wedding, they invited only a select few. Cloud, who was among the first to arrive, congratulated his friend.

As soon as all the guests arrived, the party was ON! With dancing and turkey dinner, everyone was having a blast.

Ryker and Nell were married outside their home… in the dark. (Uh... maybe I should have put up lights or something). Everyone clapped as Ryker put the Wedding ring on Nell’s finger… and then promptly had to leave for work, otherwise he’d be fired.

“Where is your husband?” Cloud asked as Nell joined him at the table.
“He had to leave.”

Yes, poor Nell was forced to enjoy her honeymoon WITHOUT her new Husband. However, that did not stop Nell from enjoying the rest of the party. (The party ended with the status of 'Roof Raiser'! YaY! XD).

After returning home from the very expensive hotel room (in which she enoyed watching TV, soaking in the tub and enjoying room service), Nell looked upon her loving home that was full of dirty dishes and rotten food.


Look for Episode III, coming soon!

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wylde_sims From: wylde_sims Date: March 7th, 2007 08:14 pm (UTC) (Link)
very cute
novaveritatis From: novaveritatis Date: March 7th, 2007 10:15 pm (UTC) (Link)
Thank you ^.^
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